What kind of weather felt boots are worn?

Feltboots for men, women and children are recommended to wear in a cold dry weather.

Nevertheless during the process of my feltboots manufacturing they are being impregnated against moisture, therefore shoes are snow and sleet resistant.

Felt slippers are suitable to wear both in winter and summer time as felt allows feet to breath and evaporates moisture. It is true comfort for your feet.


Are feltboots water resistant?

Feltboots for the whole family are snow and drizzle resistant because wool is additionally impregnated in its production process. Special thermo ribbons are used to seal the seams. It protects moisture to get into the boots.

Natural leather elements of feltboots are a part of design but at the same time it is functional detail as it keeps the salt and mud away. Feltboots are ideally adapted for intermittent weather conditions.


Which material felt boots are made from?

my feltboots shoes are made from natural wool outside and inside. Externaly feltboots are coated with natural leather. It protects shoes from salt and mud. Soles are polyurethane ones what allows to keep flexibility and good adhesion with the ground even in low temperature.


Don’t feltboots loose their shape?

Right maintenance is necessary for feltboots, f.i. keep your feltboots away from direct heating facilities.Dry cleaning is recommended and agents against moth for low season must be put inside the shoes. Special forms recommended to be put inside the shoes not to loose shape. Meeting mentioned above will allow you to wear feltboots for long time.


Don’t feet freeze and sweat while wearing feltboots?

Wool is unique for its feature to absorb and evaporate moisture and odor not loosing the warmness. Thus feltboots are very esthetic as they do not keep moisture, dust and odors inside. Dry feet are not freezing because wool gets warm up from body temperature.


Doesn’t  wool „bite“?

If you are afraid of wool “biting” we advice to choose white or black felt boots as those kinds wool is softer (you may feel while touching). But wool’s unique feature to activate blood circulation must be considered as well. This allows feet to stay warm. Due to this we recommend to wear our felt slippers on bare feet.

But if wool’s soft “biting” is not acceptable or someone got allergy for wool we recommend to put on natural fiber sock what will eliminate “biting”.


Do you produce feltboots on individual request?

We are sorry to admit we do not produce on individual request. But we may produce large amounts of special designed boots on individual request.


Where our feltboots are produced?

Feltboots and other felt accessories are created and made in LITHUANIA what we are truly proud of.

Such way was also appreciated in national design contest “The Best Design’12” and “The Best Design’13 ”where JSC Diversus LT shoes collection my feltboots became one of the prizewinners.


What about return possibility?

In case our cozy products did not meet Your expectations You may refund or exchange products within 14 calendar days since You got and sign currier for a products delivery.

Refunded products must be in original packaging, not worn or spoiled, damaged or other way treated improperly what could call decrease in visual quality. If visual quality of refunded products has decreased, money will not be refunded.


More questions?

Let us know info@myfeltboots.com